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By making the COP21 Climate Summit an empowering moment for climate justice movements, we are aiming for a global push in 2016 to effectively keep fossil fuels in the ground. For us, whatever the outcome of the negotiations, COP21 is about what will happen in the streets of Paris as well as everywhere else in Blockadia. Friday 30 october till sunday 1th of November we host a workshop weekend to organise both this year’s climax and beyond, so let’s make it happen together!


From Friday 30 October to Sunday 1 November, we will be happy to see you at NieuwLand community center,center, at Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93, Amsterdam Oost. It’s just three minutes walking distance from Muiderpoort station.station.

The weekend will be hosted by GroenFront! and the NieuwLand collective.collective. We will start on Friday evening at 19.00 with food (a three course vegan meal for €5), followed by the “Power“Power Through Paris” introduction and overview of actions planned around COP21. Saturday will all about planning the upcoming mobilisations, while Sunday will be for more practical preparations and already starting organising for 2016 actions. We will end Sunday around 16.00.

While Friday evening will be a public event, the rest of the weekend will be for those who sign up at info@wijstoppensteenkool.nl There are still some available places, so if you want your friends to join, please invite them to sign up as well. During Saturday and Sunday, vegan food will be provided. The weekend is free of charge, but donations are welcome.

We really hope that everybody can be there for the whole weekend! If you are from outside Amsterdam and want a sleeping place, we have a limited number of basic sleeping places on offer. Please let us now, and also think of bring a sleeping bag and mattress.


The program will is intended for getting to know each other, learning more on what will happen in Paris and preparing for action. We will focus on preparations for Klimaatparade, Climate Games and D12 actions. We invite you to help us design our participation in these actions, work out the details and take on roles to make them happen.

Klimaatparade. On Sunday 29 November, there will be climate marches in all major cities of the world. A broad coalition of Dutch organisations are calling for a ‘climate parade’ in Amsterdam. From development organisations to green business, everybody is asked to be there and join with a creative and visible message about climate solutions. We will take part to carrying the messages of Climate Justice, System Change and calls for Civil Disobedience. How it will look like and what will it say? It’s all up to you! www.klimaatparade.nl

Climate Games. Get ready for the world’s largest action-adventure game during COP21! We are extremely proud that this action format that originated in our Amsterdam campaign is now being taken to the global stage. This is why we are particularly interested in having some great teams joining the Games from the Netherlands. The first round will be Monday 30 November, and can be played anywhere in the world. Visit their website to get more info, and start thinking how to play! www.climategames.net

D12 / Red Lines. There are a number of Red Lines for planet and for people that any agreement signed in Paris cannot cross. When the negotiators cross the Red Lines of a fair and binding agreement to stay below 2ºC, a mass act of civil disobedience will converge block the traffic around the climate summit, preventing leaders to declare their deal a success. See more details at this article from the Guardian. Our aim is to not just explain in more detail what this actions will look like, but work together to make them possible.

Beyond Paris. On Sunday part of the day will be focused on more preparations for the actions above, but we will also look beyond Paris. How to shut down all Dutch coal plants? What kind of mass actions we can do in spring? Where to take the Climate Games and Ground Control next year? By already starting to plan ahead, we will know what the next steps will be after COP21.

Action trainings.
Workshops are great —but action trainings are better 😉 We will organise two trainings on October 24 and November 21, focused on the practical skills in taking disobedient steps forward and to make an impact in Paris. You can already sign up by replying this email. More info later on [www.wijstoppensteenkool.nl and www.groenfront.nl]

Transport and accommodation.
Are you coming to Paris? We are organising a bus for €50, leaving 7 December and returning 14 December. We are also arranging sleeping places in Paris. Sign up by mail: info@wijstoppensteenkool.nl

Other mobilisations.
Of course, we are not the only ones preparing for Paris. Here is what our friends are doing:

Klimaatparade: 29th November klimaatparade.nl
Fossielvrij (bus 9th – 13th and action in Paris) fossielvrij.nl
Wise Nederland (bus & anti nuclear action in Borssele and Paris) wisenederland.nl
Milieudefensie (several busses and action 11-12 December Paris) milieudefensie.nl

Any questions still not answered? Do not hesitate and get in touch by mail: info@wijstoppensteenkool.nl