This is a GroenFront! action call out!

We hope that all of you will join us for actions for Climate Justice, both here in the Lowlands and in the streets of Paris. We expect thousands of people from all over Europe and beyond to join us in the biggest mass civil disobedience for climate justice ever. Sign up for our bus, hitchhike to Paris or meet us at one of the many actions planned for this month. More details on our action plans below.

COP21 will be the 21th UN Climate Summit. After 20 years of meeting they are still no closer to securing a meaningful agreement to prevent catastrophic climate change. In fact, in that time global carbon emissions have increased by over 60%, and 2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. While our politicians negotiate our future, corrupt industries and dirty corporations are more determined than ever to influence the climate negotiations. They are spending €billions on lobbying and influencing our governments, and on marketing and PR to push fake ‘greenwash‘ solutions.
In parallel to the talks, which will take place 15km north of Paris at Le Bourget, corrupt corporations will have paid for a place at Solutions21 – a high profile greenwash summit at Le Grand Palais – as well as a presence inside Le Bourget itself.

Climate change is already hitting the world’s poorest people hardest and it needs to be stopped, and we know the targets in the COP21 agreement will not be ambitious enough to do this. Nor will COP21 address the underlying problem of the unjust capitalist system that puts the interest of fossil fuel addicted corporations above those of the people. We need to hold a spotlight on the negotiations, and expose the corporate corruption that is influencing the democratic processes and actively blocking real solutions. We need to take the world stage standing alongside those who are most affected, and demand ambitious action and real solutions from our leaders, but show that we will not wait for them to ‘save’ us .

As the COP21 talks conclude we want to make sure we have the ‘last word’ on 12th Dec with a global moment for mass mobilisation and bold action. The Paris moment will be defined not by what happens in the negotiating halls, but in the streets of Paris and around the world.

Paris is a key moment to build a bigger, stronger, more globally connected movement. Together we can show that community power is rising up beyond 2015 with real people-powered solutions that can create a just transition to a low carbon world, free from the shackles of corrupt corporations.

What are we planning for?

Klimaatparade. On Sunday 29 November, there will be climate marches in all major cities of the world. A broad coalition of Dutch organisations are calling for a ‘climate parade’ in Amsterdam. From development organisations to green business, everybody is asked to be there and join with a creative and visible message about climate solutions. We will take part to carrying the messages of Climate Justice, System Change and calls for Civil Disobedience. How it will look like and what will it say? It’s all up to you!

Climate Games. Get ready for the world’s largest action-adventure game during COP21! We are extremely proud that this action format that originated in our Amsterdam campaign is now being taken to the global stage. This is why we are particularly interested in having some great teams joining the Games from the Netherlands. The first round will be Monday 30 November, and can be played anywhere in the world. Visit their website to get more info, and start thinking how to play!

D12 / Red Lines. There are a number of Red Lines for planet and for people that any agreement signed in Paris cannot cross. When the negotiators cross the Red Lines of a fair and binding agreement to stay below 2ºC, a mass act of civil disobedience will converge block the traffic around the climate summit, preventing leaders to declare their deal a success. For more details look at

Beyond Paris. Paris is important, but not the end. As we do not expect a Paris Climate treaty to solve the climate crisis, we have to take this fight further. If this COP fails again, we have to escalate and do it ourselves. We want to shut down all Dutch coal plants, help Groningen fight to close down the biggest gasfield in Europe, organize new Climate Games next year, and for that we need you all.

Action trainings.
Workshops are great —but action trainings are better We will organise a trainings on November 21, focused on the practical skills in taking disobedient steps forward and to make an impact in Paris. You can already sign up by replying this email. More info later on and Can’t be there? More action training will be provided for in Paris.

Transport and accommodation.
Are you coming to Paris? We are organising a bus for €50, leaving 7 December and returning 14 December. We are also arranging sleeping places in Paris. Sign up by mail:

GroenFront! & Climate Justice Action
We are proud to be a member of Climate Justice Action. A network of likeminded action groups and radical NGO’s mobilizing for Paris. CJA will provide infopoints, mobile kitchens and legal support in Paris. More information

Other mobilisations.
Of course, we are not the only ones preparing for Paris.
Here is what our friends are doing:
Klimaatparade: 29th November
Fossielvrij (bus 9th – 13th and action in Paris)
Wise Nederland (bus & anti nuclear action in Borssele and Paris 11-12 dec)
Milieudefensie (several busses and action 11-12 December Paris)

Any questions still not answered? Do not hesitate and get in touch by mail: