Presentatie en Workshop ‘The true cost of coal’

vr 20 november 18:30utot zo 22 november 13:00u

Presentatie en Workshop ‘The true cost of coal’


van broeckhuizenstraat 46
6511 WP Nijmegen
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Deze avond zullen de mensen van het BeeHive collectief een presentatie en workshop geven over de manier waarop zij de complexe materie van de kolenindustrie inzichtelijk proberen te maken aan de hand van grote banners met daarop intrigerende illustraties. Deze illustraties proberen ‘the big picture’ op een intuïtieve manier te beschrijven, zodat iedereen het verhaal over de kolenindustrie kan vertellen.TCC_WholePoster_WebRes

2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. Yet momentum is growing to stop this climate change crisis. Some political and religious leaders are beginning to get the message – that people like you have been voicing for years. However, the upcoming conference on climate change in Paris (COP21) is expected to become just as big a failure as all its predecessors. Since the organization of the first COP21 in 1994 only false solutions have come out of it, CO2 emissions kept rising and the climate change crisis is still increasing.

As always when talking about climate change, politicians remain to use their populisitc talks that sound appealing and common sense. That´s how they manage to ´sell´ us their (false) solutions after every COP21. The truth about the climate change crisis is, however, often difficult to understand and takes more time to explain. Therefore we need to expand our story-telling skills. Cause if we cannot explain this story well enough, unconscious people will remain uninterested and keep following the populistic talks.

That’s why we want to use the graphic of the Beehive Collective. This graphic of 6×3 meters is so extremely detailed that one can stare at it for hours, meanwhile listening to a speaker telling the true story of the climate crisis as depicted on the graphic. This is story-telling to keep people interested and to make them clear how we got into this crisis and how we can (still) solve it. One of the obvious solutions should be: leave coal in the ground!

So here’s the plan:

Friday 20 November; open from 19.00 @ De Klinker, Van Broekhuizenstraat 46, Nijmegen
19.30 Power through Paris Workshop:
20.45 The beehive banner presentation of ‘The true costs of coal’:
Saturday 21 November:@ Basta, Begijnenstraat 34, Nijmegen
10.00-18.30: Workshop about the Bee-hive banner, exploring ways of storytelling and how to do it yourself (sign up here)
19.00 Dinner at the Klinker

Sunday 22 November: @ Basta, Begijnenstraat 34, Nijmegen
10.00-13.00: International Beehive meeting; how do we move forward. Sleeping-places are available, let us know before.

The workshops will (mainly) be in English and are especially interesting for campaign coordinators, writers, bloggers, researchers, artists and teachers. Nevertheless, they´re open for everyone! Costs will be based on donation (suggestion 10-25 euro incl. food for all the weekend)

Get inspired by the wonderful drawings of the beehive collective and get skilled to tell the story about coal-mining and climate-chaos.